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High Performance Business Telecoms

and VoIP Phone Systems

Telephone calls are a necessary part of modern business, and all businesses need to make sure that customers always have a way to get in touch with them – especially during busy times.

Support IT Solutions are ready to maximise your productivity and prevent any more calls going unanswered. We supply modern VoIP phone systems for modern businesses just like yours – never miss a call again with low costs and fantastic telecoms.

You can equip your business with all the features of a fully kitted-out call centre, or just keep things simple. Either way, you’ll never need to miss a call again, with low call costs and fantastic support by our team.

Have voicemails sent directly to your email as attachments so you can listen to them out-of-hours

Make and receive office calls on your mobile for when you're out of office or working remotely

Record messages to play to your callers, notifying them of events, office closures or anything else

Bring a phone with you and work from home or anywhere with the same number as the office

Host conference calls with your clients using your own number and your own phone system

If your lines are busy then allow callers to join a queue and never miss a call again

Time to Upgrade Your Telecoms to Hosted VoIP

Elevate your brand's image, make a lasting first impression, and ensure a seamless customer experience.

Allow us to craft a tailored solution for your business, delivering substantial cost savings and ensuring you never miss a call.

If you’re still relying on traditional landline phones or dealing with multiple lines into your office, it’s both a drain on your finances and a missed opportunity for a positive caller experience. Let’s address this together.

Streamline your services by entrusting your IT and telecom needs to a unified team. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling service providers and waiting on hold – we provide a single point of contact for support, one email address for all your requests, and a dedicated, familiar engineer to handle your issues, eliminating the need for delegation or additional calls.

Reach out to us with an email, and we’ll arrange a visit to assess your specific needs in person. Our goal is to have you make an informed decision within 25 minutes, and we’ll do our best to provide you with an estimated quote promptly.

Fully Managed VoIP Telecoms

Need any changes made? Get in touch with our engineers straight away.

We’ll give you your own dedicated phone server, and our engineers will be able to service any request you make.

VoIP – ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ simply means that your phones will no longer run over a telephone line in the conventional way they used to, but instead we use your existing internet line to send your calls over the internet.

Ideally, yes, the faster the internet, the better the VoIP service can be. However, VoIP uses quite a small amount of data comparively and our engineers have experience in maximising even slow internet lines to give the best quality phone calls possible.

Low Call Costs

Reduce the cost of your phone bill with competitive rates for UK or international calls.

If you’re used to being billed by BT ,  you’ll start to see your phone bills drop dramatically using our VoIP service.  If you’re interested to see how much we can save you, please get in touch and send us a phone bill and we’ll try and undercut your current provider.

Phone Service For Remote Workers

Help your remote workers work more effectively by bringing a phone home.

We can provide telephones for your staff to bring home with them, each with their own extension number and the ability to make and receive work calls as if they were in the office. In fact, if you can hide the kids and the dog away, your clients won’t even know your staff are working from home at all.

Phones On Your Desk, In Your Pocket, On Your Computer

We can supply top-of-the-line desk phones for your employees. However, if you'd like to pick calls up on your mobile that's an option too. We can even set you up with software to take calls using a headset on your computer.

Most of the time, you can’t beat a good old reliable phone sitting on your desk so of course we provide a range of compatible phones depending on your budget. However, for come of your staff, maybe having calls ringing on a mobile makes more sense. Or if you’d like to free the clutter from your desks entirely, we can set you up with software for your computer which will let you make and receive calls using a USB headset instead.

The phone system we provide is compatible with the vast majority of VoIP compatible handsets out there. If you have VoIP phones we will try and cut your costs by making our service work with your existing handsets.

Analogue or ISDN handsets are incompatible with VoIP services and unfortunately will need to be replaced with a different model.

By adding your VoIP account to a mobile your mobile will behave like an office phone, even with its own extension number. Any calls made using VoIP on the mobile will be made using your own caller ID so the calls will look like they’re coming from your office.

For Android phones and iPhones this works using an app that we can provide and help you set up and configure.

You may have staff who work from home and don’t want to bring a phone home with them, or where desk space is limited it might make more sense for staff to use software instead. The desktop application works the same as the desk phone, with each user being given an extension number and the ability to make, receive and transfer calls as normal.

You may also want to use software in the office, removing phones from the desks and having everything go via your computers.

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Get in touch, leave your details with us and one of our engineers will be in touch for a chat, or if you don’t want us to call then let us know and we’re happy to email instead.

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