IT Projects

Support IT provides a complete IT project portfolio under one roof. Our in house team of experts and engineers can provide you with a solution to any IT project you are planning.

With a fixed price and timescale for each project, we will leave you feeling relaxed without any worry of an unexpected cost and guarantee a successful project delivery. We are happy to help with projects of any size, and have a variety of IT specialists who can offer advice and guidance where necessary.

IT support is not just about fixing problems, it’s also about working with our clients towards a goal of seamless integration between yourself and your workstation.

With our daily auditing and proactive monitoring of your network this does not only help us to make recommendations, but also keep you informed of the status of your equipment to aid financial budgeting and planning. We will be on top of any problems that may arise, ensuring that they do not affect your project or business.

Existing customers which have taken out our Live! Support package benefit from a special preferential rate on Live! Projects.

We work closely with many accounting providers including Sage, Access Dimensions and Taz. Our support team can set your required package up and provide you with ongoing training. Below is some information on some of the popular accounting packages we supply.

Sage Line 50

Sage Line 50 is the UK’s most popular small business accounting solution and is recommended by the majority of accountants. It is the perfect solution for growing businesses requiring a powerful accounting system, which will accommodate their increasingly complex business requirements.

Sage Payroll

With the introduction of complex payroll legislation over recent years, employers are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the amount of paperwork involved in processing payments manually, not to mention the need to keep up with the changes to legislation and the many calculations involved.

Access Dimensions

Dimensions is a fully-featured business and financial solution for large companies. It can be deployed over local or wide area networks or over a standard web browser and will bring the best available functionality to every area of your organisation. Built around Microsoft’s full SQL Server database, its ‘open-database architecture’ and huge capacity enables integration with any number of other business applications – while maintaining excellent data processing speeds and superior levels of security.

The level of virus infection has now reached a scale that major new outbreaks are mentioned on the national news. No organisation is now safe from virus attack, no matter how small.

With an unprotected PC you are highly likely to be infected with a new virus as soon as it breaks. This infection can come from an e-mail attachment or simply by browsing a Web site. You will know little about it until your computers start behaving strangely or stop functioning altogether. By then it is too late and you are infected.

Although it is usually always possible to clear a virus infection from your system, the time taken and the cost incurred can be high. That is why it is better to protect your systems in the first place.

Support IT provides a comprehensive range of anti-virus products that will protect against known and emerging virus infections. From products for small systems, through to sophisticated solutions to protect enterprise networks, our solutions will protect all sizes of organisation.

Support IT can help you prepare for Disaster Recovery in many ways, depending on the nature and size of your business.

A carefully thought out plan is an essential key to being able to recover from an unexpected disaster. Your business should still be able to function affectively should the worst happen. We have the knowledge and experience to create the right plan for you, specific to your individual requirement and budget.

Whether you want to have in place an automated online back up to an ultra-secure data centre, or a complete off-site replication of your systems we can assist you in achieving that goal.

Below are some examples of how we can keep your business functioning 24 hours a day:

  • Continuous Backups
  • Built-in Disaster Recovery protection
  • Secure Exchange Email
  • File Replication
  • Exchange Replication
  • Off Site Backup Storage
If your planing an office move Support IT will appraise your present operations to plan a relocation strategy. It is vital that when critical systems are being moved it is done with the utmost skill and planning. Increased downtime on IT systems can cause major issues. If a business suffers any difficulties whilst moving its technology or if it is wrongly installed at the new site this can cause major disruptions.

The relocation of critical IT systems must be managed correctly to avoid any unnecessary and avoidable problems occurring. We can decommission your servers from their existing location and re-commission them at your new server room.

When it comes to desktop computer equipment we will disconnect and reconnect it for complete peace of mind. Additionally, we can provide a total solution of organising the cabling infrastructure, software configuration and the hardware installation.

Support IT will work as part of the relocation team, so that you don’t have additional contractors to manage on site during the move. They will also work alongside your team to fulfil the relocation of your IT, telecom and peripherals.

An overview of the IT services we provide:

  • Disconnection / Reconnection Services
  • Server Relocation
  • Desktop Relocation
  • Peripherals Relocation
  • Full Cabling and Infrastructure Services
  • Specialist Packing of IT Equipment and TFT screens
  • Software Verification & Configuration
  • IT Equipment Cleaning
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

With a broad choice of phone systems on the market, Support IT will recommend, source and install the right type for your business. Offering a range of functionality and lower call charges, you will never look back!

Are you thinking of implementing a server and network but not sure of the benefits?

At Support IT we understand that every business is unique and as such has special requirements. We work with your business to find the best solution and organise your projects from start to finish, with minimal disruption.

We agree a fixed price and timescale for every project ensuring that our customers are in control of their IT at all times without the burden of the usual associated risks.

Existing customers which have taken out our Live! Support package benefit from a special preferential rate on IT Projects.